There are still some good apples.

Faith in humanity restored. Pleasantly surprised with the word is how I felt after joining social media specifically for support. After being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I felt so lost, alone and broken. I wanted answers. I needed desperately to relate to someone. After reading I don’t know how many articles about the subject I still didn’t get “comfort” with what I had read. I don’t really know what answer or statement if any could have made anything better. I think I was looking for someone to say that it was going to be fine, that there was hope and that they got their happy ending with everything included. I needed to hear it not from a study that was made to prove symptoms could be tolerable but from a woman who had experienced the same fear that I had (still have) about being unable to fulfill their biggest dream of having a baby.

I have spent countless hours on the Internet reading, watching videos, crying, sharing my journey and meeting the most amazing women. I have gotten so much support from Instagram and Facebook. There I have met women that are going through very similar yet different situations but all with the same ultimate goal. To be a mother one day. To not let this terrible disease win and get the best of me. I feel so free and comfortable to ask anything there is no such thing as tmi. I have gotten advice, tips and tricks on how to boost fertility and transition into a healthier lifestyle. These woman have been there when my doctor doesn’t returned my calls after 30 minutes of messaging her or when I am to “tired” to workout.  I’ll go on line and I see how after a hard day they still make time to better themselves and that pushes me and motivates me to also do better.

I am fairly new to the PCOS/TTC community I am learning as I go but without the help of all these lovely ladies emotionally I know that I would not be in the place that I am now if I didn’t have them as support. All of the motivational quotes, weigh loss goals reached, new beginnings and even miracle baby announcements I see at any given time is a constant reminder that I am not alone in this and it is very comforting. I feel so blessed to be part of these communities. All of you ladies deserve your happy ending and I’m sure we will all get there someday.

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